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2 Pack Skin for Juul Vape Pen, Anti Slip Sleeve Cover fits Juul Vaping devices - Royal Tiger Fur Print.

2 Pack Skin for Juul Vape Pen, Anti Slip Sleeve Cover fits Juul Vaping devices - Royal Tiger Fur Print.

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Personalize your JUUL vaping device with our precision-cut skins (Tiger Skin pattern) designed exclusively for a seamless fit. Say goodbye to annoying air bubbles during application, thanks to our advanced Air-Release adhesive backing. Our skins feature a dual-layer construction, with a crystal-clear lamination layer applied over captivating graphics for an unparalleled visual experience.

You will receive 2 Pack Skins for price of 1. Steal Deal Skins..

Please note that this product does not include the JUUL vaping device, JUULPOD cartridge, or any other pods, cartridges, charges, or nicotine products. However, with our incredible skin-line, you can easily distinguish your JUUL from your friends' devices. Transform the appearance of your device in mere seconds. Applying and removing our skins is a breeze, allowing you to switch designs whenever you desire. Crafted from premium vinyl, our skins boast an impressive 3-4 year lifespan.

Curious about our production process? We take pride in creating each skin meticulously through a comprehensive three-layer method, utilizing top-of-the-line 3M materials for unrivaled quality. It all starts with our patented Air-Release Adhesive backing, expertly engineered to eliminate air bubbles during installation. Next, our state-of-the-art equipment brings your chosen graphic to life, followed by the application of a protective crystal-clear lamination layer available in your preferred soft-matte or high-gloss finish. This layer shields your skin from daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Kindly note that this product is designed to be compatible with the JUUL vaping device by JUUL Labs, Inc. The Skin Dudes and our product are not provided, endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with JUUL Labs, Inc. JUUL and JUULPOD are trademarks of JUUL Labs, Inc.

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